About us


Beijing Tourism, a non-profit website, is built and operated by the Information Center of the Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the Bureau) under the authorization of the Bureau.

The website is a portal to exhibit Beijing’s tourism environment to the world, provide travel information and quality assurance to visitors, promote tourism enterprises in the city, and push ahead with the shifts of Beijing into a top tourist destination.

Originally opened in 2010, the brand-new Beijing Tourism boasts rich resources and showcases the profound history of the city, while striving to offer the most updated, credible and accurate information to our visitors.

We sincerely hope to provide effective service to all sectors of society. We work to become a stage to broadcast tourism culture, a platform to connect with tourism enterprises, as well as a window to serve tourists from all around the world.

Your comments or suggestions about Beijing Tourism are greatly appreciated.

We hope Beijing Tourism will enable you to acquaint yourself better with this bustling city.


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