Yanqi lake(雁栖湖)


    If you like homestay and love literature and art, you will love here. From the name of this place, you can see bamboo, snow, misty rain, morning glow, cicadas singing… All of them reveal a strong literary and artistic atmosphere. The ingenious integration of new Chinese style, industrial style and Zen style. With its own swimming pool and children's paradise in the middle of the garden, it perfectly meets the needs of parents and children.

    Located in Lianhuachi village, Yanqi Town, Huairou, you can enjoy the tranquility and happiness under the Great Wall of Mutianyu. Accompanied by mountains, forests, blue sky and white clouds, breathing the freshest air, far away from the concrete reinforcement and haze of the city, you will fully enjoy yourself here.

    There are 33 rooms in 5 buildings with different styles. The main decoration styles are new Chinese style, industrial style and Zen style, which are full of artistic atmosphere.

    The room types include parent-child room for family, big bed room for lovers, double bed room for three or five friends and suite with tatami. In addition to the guest rooms, we also have various supporting facilities: the dining hall and the lobby are integrated into a separate two-story building, which can accommodate 210 people at the same time. Provide a combination of Chinese and western breakfast, and unique flavor of the north and south of the Chinese dinner. Star Garden open-air barbecue garden is located in the garden. In the cool summer, you can invite three or five friends and drink beer. The pleasant life starts from the Star Garden.

    The homestay is equipped with adult swimming pool and children's play pool. The adult swimming pool is 18m in length, 6m in width and 1.4m in depth; the children's pool is 16m in length, 8m in width and 0.6m in depth.

The children's paradise is in the middle of the garden with slides, Trojans, trampolines, ocean ball pool and DIY area. Take your children to find children's fun.

     The transportation is extremely convenient. It is 55 kilometers away from Beijing Capital Airport, about 1 hour's drive, 20 kilometers from Huairou City, about 35 minutes' drive. It is only 2km away from the Great Wall of Mutianyu, about 30 minutes' walk to the Great Wall, about 18 kilometers away from the Great Wall of Jiangouye, 20 minutes' drive. It is 10 kilometers away from Yanqi lake, about 15 minutes' drive, and 15 kilometers and 20 minutes' drive from Shentangyu natural scenic spot. It is 18 km away from Hongluo temple, 25 min by car, 25 km from Linghui mountain ecological scenic spot, 35 min by car.


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