Jingxi Eighteen Pools(京西十八潭)


    Jingxi Eighteen Pools is located in Anjiazhuang Village, Wangping Area, Mentougou District. At the north foot of Qingshuijianshan Peak at the altitude of 1528m, it is famous for its deep valley, unique stones, water and flowers.

    Here you will awe at the majestic peaks and mountains; the steep cliffs; the deep canyons; the peaks and rocks of different shapes; lush and green original vegetation; colourful flowers and weeds, wild fruits and vegetables of each season.

Mr. Zhao Yonggao once praised it in his poem: Zhang Zong of the Jin Dynasty used to travel here, in the waves wonders appear. The natural scenery of the mountains and rivers is turned into the Eighteen Pools in Xijing. In July the heat scorches everything, it would be great to go for rafting on the Eighteen Pools. Chasing waves with your shirt wet, that should be endless fun.

    Going up the mountain, the first thing coming into your eye is the Mingyue Lake, which is like a bright moonlight. Although the pool is small, the water is clear. The mountains in the north are majestic, but are usually lack of water. The winding mountain springs in the Eighteen Pools are a spectacle. It just looks like the flowing water in the south, with green plants, demonstrating vitality everywhere.

    Mountains and rocks rise up high, and due to the lash and accumulation of water, countless small ponds of different sizes and shapes are formed in the ditch. There are 18 well-known ponds with water, fish, beautiful but different natural scenery. This is how Jingxi Eighteen Pools got its name.

    No one knows whether the Frog Pool got its name because it looks like a frog or there are many frogs in the pool. But a pool of clear water is enough to wash away all tiredness and dust, with vines entangled and mountain stream quiet and bright, this is completely a new world. Green plants covering the mountains in this summer time, beautiful scenes are everywhere in the mountains and water and stones.

    Admiring flowers, birds, fishes and insects in the canyon, and listen to the sound of spring water in the midsummer, you will feel like you don’t need anything else.

    Yuanyangtan (Mandarin Duck Pond) is already beautiful in its name. Yuan and Yang refer to male and female birds respectively, thus Yuanyang is a compound word. Mandarin Duck is a famous ornamental bird in China. The reason why it is regarded as a symbol of love is that they always appear in pairs. It is a bird that often found in ancient Chinese literary works, myths and legends. People often use Mandarin Duck as a metaphor for love. It seems that this Pool must be related to love.

Up along the mountain, you will find stones in interesting shapes everywhere, after years of vicissitudes, they coexist with the mountains. Everywhere is full of greenery and great sights, ferns provide a bit of verdant, decorating the view of the whole mountain. Spring water flows down quickly, becoming waterfalls at every cliff and turning into pools in every valley, the green hills on both sides are green, and the valley is empty with decent smell.

    Going up the valley, the shapes of mountains are wonders with peaks and folds. Neither the mountains and stones nor the springs follow a regular shape, sharp stones split the water and the sound could hit the cliff caves; birds and animals gather near the sharp cliffs, and the plants hanging on the cliff wall is dense and decorated with flowers.

    This wild nature is just like a divine world, with astonishing mountains and lovely water. Stones create scenery for mountains and are the bones of mountains, shaping the meridian of the landscape.

    Here you can feel: the purity and freshness of the air; the sweetness of the mountain spring; the crisp chirping of birds; the constant sound of insects; the scent of flowers; the scent of flowers; the leisurely game of fish and the breathtaking nature of the scenery.

    The mountains are infinitely beautiful. During the COVID-19 epidemic, if you plan to travel, please consult the scenic spot in advance, and make an appointment according to their requirements.

Scenic consultation tel: 010-61833074

Address: Anjiazhuang Village, Wangping Area, Mentougou District, Beijing


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