Changyang park(长阳公园)


    Changyang park is also called Fangshan new Town Waterfront forest park. To be exact, it is only a part of the forest park. The park is one of the 11 key forest parks in Beijing, with a total area of 5789 mu, which is composed of "two rivers and two parks". Changyang park is one of the "two parks".

    The scenery of the park is very beautiful, and the environment is quiet. Most importantly, it is open for free! However, it may be that it is relatively low-key, so there are not many people who know here, and there is no crowd here.

    The park is divided into three parts: urban comprehensive area, wetland exhibition area and country ecological area. There are many scenic spots in the park. It is a beautiful place with mountains and rivers, trees and flowers.

    The greening here is very good, and even the grassland is spotless. tThe air is fresh and the sky is blue. It is also the case that the park has been rated as a municipal "boutique park".

    This is actually a good place to relax, because as soon as you enter the park, you will immediately feel the difference between it and the city park. It is open, less crowded and the scenery is original. The stone bridge at the gate looks like a white jade belt from afar, which has a kind of royal noble temperament. The park is full of green everywhere, green grass, green leaves, clear water. The air is fresh. Every breath of air here is refreshing.

    In fact, this is also the characteristics of Changyang park. Mountains, water, rivers and plants together draw a beautiful landscape map. There is no hustle and bustle in the city, but some citizens enjoying their time.

    Today, the lotus has bloomed, adding vitality to Changyang park. The red and pink lotus blossoms quietly in the pool. The low-key and elegant green leaves set off the flowers. It's so beautiful. Walking slowly on the plank road, you can smell the surrounding lotus fragrance, enjoy the red and white lotus and the lotus leaf which looks like the skirt. It has a special sentiment.

    In addition to the lotus, Changyang park has many other summer flowers, which are also in bloom. In addition to the picturesque scenery, everything in the park has a unique style. Walking in the lush road of shade, breathing fresh air, enjoying the lake wind blowing, the whole person is in a happy mood.

    In addition to the beautiful scenery, it is also a good place to exercise. There is a fitness trail surrounded by green plants in the park. The pavement of the trail is not only beautiful, but also has certain elasticity, which makes people want to walk on it. There are luxuriant trees and shade. You can feel the picturesque scenery whether you walk or ride. If you want to really taste the feeling of the countryside, go straight to Changyang park. The most rural place is here.

    During the day, Changyang park is full of vitality and picturesque scenery, and the scene after nightfall is even more charming. The park is equipped with beautiful lights. The golden lights and the light of high-rise buildings near the river bank form a shining night scene of modern city.

    With bridges, flowing water, green grass, quiet environment, lush vegetation, Changyang park is definitely a rare park. Come and have a close contact with nature.

Address: Changyang Town, Fangshan District, Beijing


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