Niantan park(念坛公园)


    If you want to find a good place to release yourself in a busy city, you might as well come to this park in Beijing and enjoy the good place in the city to relax.

    This park is called Niantan park. It is located on the sixth South Ring Road. The transportation is very convenient. Metro Line 4 can go directly to the gate of the park. The park covers a large area. The planning of the park is very good, of which the largest area is water.

    If you don't want to take the subway and want to drive by yourself, you don't need to worry about parking. There is a parking lot in the park. You can park for free. Although it is a free park, this park is quite worth a visit on the weekend. Bring along the family and invite friends to go for leisure and entertainment. Children can play happily with the children facilities, and adults can also walk in the park. There are lakes and bridges here, and you can enjoy the leisure time like staying in the Jiangnan village.

    However, the most attractive part of this park is the beach on the south side, where you can play. It's very interesting. It is deeply loved by the majority of children. The sand on the beach is very delicate. In summer, bring your family here. Although there is no sea in Beijing, the beach can still bring a pleasant experience.

    If people who live in Beijing haven't been here yet, you might as well come to feel it on weekends and holidays. When park culture is so popular in China, it's better to feel the beauty and leisure of Niantan park. I believe here, you will feel that in the busy city of Beijing, you can also have such a free and happy time. You will fall in love with this city more.

Address: Xinyuan street, Niantan village, Daxing District, Beijing


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