Blossom in Miyun | Flower mix


"Have an outing in Miyun and meet the spring." March is a perfect time for outing and appreciating flowers, and here is a guide of spring outings in Miyun.

Flower mix

When it is near the Dragon Boat Festival, roses, lavender, rape and Chinese roses all rush to bloom. The colorful flowers seem to beam more brightly than the sun, and appearing very lovely on the hillsides.

Rose Garden

Located next to mountains, the Caijiawa Rose Garden boasts thousands mu of colorful flowers, presenting a hierarchic landscape. With over 400,000 roses and 500,000 Chinese roses, it is the largest outdoor Chinese rose base in Beijing. Every middle May embraces seas of roses and Chinese roses, among which roses,  with essential oil ones such as Fenghua No.1 and Four-Season Roses as the main varieties, are in bloom until late July, and Chinese roses, with dozens of varieties and seven colors of red, yellow, pink, white, purple, black red and compound, are in blossom until November.

Best visiting time: from middle May to November

Tel: 010-61069959

Self-driving route: drive off Beijing-Chengde Expressway from exit no.17, turn left and drive 500m to Caijiawa Village

Xianju Valley

Surrounded by mountains and covered by trees, the Valley sees multiple streams running through all year round and is dotted with pools and waterfalls swirled by mists. From the ravine to the peak, every spot is covered by various flowers in different seasons, such as azaleas, peaches, plums, spiraeas, mountain cherries and mountain chrysanthemum , offering a radiant and charming scene.

Best visiting time: from middle April to July

Tel: 010-69035388

Self-driving route: drive toward Linggong Village, Taishitun Town, Miyun District

Yunfeng Mountain Scenic Spot

It is 3-5 Celsius degrees colder in the mountains than in the city. On the first day of every April when the Yunfeng Mountain Scenic Spot opens, apricot flowers are the first to bloom, followed by peaches, pears, plums, cherries, forsythia, Magnolia, lilacs, peonies, iris, wisteria, and Chinese roses. But the most attractive scene is the purple lavender, with the subtle aroma floating in the valley. Living in the fairy tale cabin in the Mountain, visitors can enjoy the sea of clouds and the splendid scenery of this area.

Best visiting time: from middle April to early June

Tel: 010-81098688

Self-driving route: drive off Beijing-Chengde Expressway from exit no. 23, turn left at the north of Songshuyu Village, drive 100m ahead, turn right at the intersection of Songshuyu Village, turn left at Xinzhuang West Crossing, drive toward Yanluo Village, Bulaotun Town, drive north from the entry of the Scenic Spot and arrive at the Yunfeng Mountain

Renjian Flower Sea

A vast flower sea can be found at the bottom of valleys in Miyun, with the Anda’mu River winding through. Beside the River sit a dozen of European-style wooden houses, where you can enjoy the largest and most splendid flower sea in Beijing. Opening the windows, you can feel the fragrance of flowers and see flowers extend to the end of the horizon. Near the houses lies a beach rarely seen in this city, where people can swim in the water, take a sunbath and enjoy the no-limit barbecue buffet in the shade of trees. After a good meal, you can have a sweet dream with Nature beside you and stars and scent of flowers accompanying you.

Best visiting time: from early June to November

Tel: 010-69039181

Self-driving route: drive off Beijing-Chengde Expressway from exit no. 23, turn right and drive toward Mount Wuling according to the signs

Purple Paradise Herb Art Manor

Situated in Gubeikou Town, Miyun District, the Manor provides a marvellous scene consisting of a boundless vanilla field, the quiet Tanghe River and the lush Jinshan Forest. You can have a fantastic romantic journey with the tents scattered near the vanilla field, the shacks among the trees on the hillsides, the leisure club hidden among mountains, rivers and forests, the well-equipped Chinese and Western restaurants, and the classic water entertainments and vanilla experience.

Best visiting time: from early June to November

Tel: 010-81052525

Self-driving route: drive off Beijing-Chengde Expressway from exit no. 24, turn left at the intersection with traffic lights, and drive 6km until you see a white building to your right


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