Millions of Spring Flowers Blossoming in the Beijing Botanical Garden


The 33rd Peach Blossom Season and the 18th World Flower Show at the Beijing Botanical Garden will open on 27 March. Nearly 100 species (and varieties) of spring flowers such as peach, plum, tulip, begonia and lilac will be blooming in the garden, competing with each other to bring a visual feast for the public. To make it easier for everyone to appreciate the flowers, the Botanical Garden has prepared a special flower viewing map, according to which visitors can learn about the blossom period of spring flowers in the Garden and make their own spring flower viewing plans. During this period, the Beijing Botanical Garden will also hold a spring plant exhibition, a botanical garden creative exhibition, as well as a number of cultural and scientific activities, such as "Experts talking about flowers and plants", "Biodiversity conservation" and "Nature for fun". This year's peach blossom season will last until April 25.

New events will be held every week

At present, the white peach, apricot, magnolia, plum and spring flowers are all in bloom in the Garden, forming a colourful landscape painting. In the past two years, in order to enrich the variety of flowers and to add some colour to the spring season, the Beijing Botanical Garden has planted more than 20 species (and varieties) of nearly 300 flowering trees and shrubs, such as peach, begonia, lilac and magnolia, and more than 30 species (and varieties) of ornamental flowers, such as moonflower, iris and clematis, in the Begonia Garden, Magnolia Garden and Hosta Garden and along the main roads.

Seven scenic spots to enjoy special spring flowers

In addition to the Peach Blossom Season, there will be seven scenic spots, including the Sea of Plum Blossoms, the Peach Blossom Promenade, the Flower mix, the Colourful Picture Scroll, the Spring in Full Bloom, the Birds & Blooms and the Scent of Heaven, to present you the unique charm of the special spring flowers.

Sea of Plum Blossoms

Plant: Plum Blossom

Location: In the plum garden to the northwest of Wofo Temple

Viewing time: late March to early April

Features: Nearly 100 varieties of more than 1,000 plum blossoms open one after another, creating a beautiful landscape with a sea of plum blossoms. The wooden walkway in the plum garden is a winding and scenic experience, like walking into a sea of plum blossoms, making people forget to return.

Peach Blossom Promenade

Plants to see: White flowering peach, Liao Mei mountain apricot

Viewing location: Southeast Gate to the west of the Science Museum

Viewing time: late March to early April

Features: Dozens of tall white peach blossom plants bloom, and several bright pink peach blossom plants intermingle to create a peach blossom corridor, with a few Liao Mei apricots occasionally appearing in between, like pink clouds dressing the sky.

Flower mix

Plant to see: Peach blossom

Location: Peach Garden

Viewing time: early April to early May

Viewing features: The peach varieties 'Pin Hong' and 'Pin Xia', of which the Beijing Botanical Garden has its own intellectual property rights, will be in full bloom during this time of year. The lush flowers and delicate colours resemble a red haze in the sky. At the same time, a variety of spring flowers such as elm leaf plum, spring and forsythia will be in bloom, giving the whole garden a beautiful view of beautiful purple and red flowers.

Colourful picture scroll

Plants to see: Tulips and bulbous flowers

Location: Tulip display on the west side of the Science Museum

Viewing time: mid-April to early May

Features: Over 200,000 tulips and bulbs of more than 100 varieties bloom one after another, forming a huge colourful scroll with their beautiful flower shapes and rich colours. The exhibition area is covered with red and pink peach blossoms, tall poplars cover the sky and the green hills in the distance, and people can swim in the sea of flowers as if they were one with nature in harmony.

Spring in Full Bloom

Plant to see: Begonia

Location: Begonia Garden

Viewing time: mid to late April

Features: The Begonia Garden at the Beijing Botanical Garden has a collection of more than 80 species (including varieties) and nearly 1,000 plants, making it the largest collection of begonias in China. The undulating terrain, winding paths and the distant, mountainous western hills form a natural backdrop. When in full bloom, the begonias are as red as a smoky haze and as white as drifting snow. Depending on how they are planted, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the begonias in isolation or in groups.

Birds & Bloom

Plant to see: Lilacs

Location: Lilac Garden

Viewing time: mid to late April

Features: The lilac garden has a collection of over 1,000 lilacs of more than 80 species on display.  Compared to other flower-viewing areas, this is a more tranquil and elegant place to enjoy the flowers, while the sound of birdsong comes into your ears from time to time, as if telling the beauty of spring.

Scent of Heaven

Plant: Peony

Location: Peony Garden

Viewing time: Late April to early May

Features: Nearly 6,000 peonies of more than 500 varieties are planted in the Peony Garden, with four major strains and nine major colours of flowers. There are traditional peony species such as Yao Huang and Wei Zi, as well as rare peony species such as green and black, etc. When they are in full bloom, they are magnificent, elegant and graceful.

Peach Blossom Season Guide

Epidemic Prevention and Control:

In accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements, Beijing Health Care is required to be checked upon entry to the park and masks are to be worn indoors and in crowded places.

Opening hours

Park gate: 6:00-19:00

Greenhouse: 8:30-16:30

Wofo Temple: 8:30-16:30

Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall: 9:00-16:30

The Greenhouse, Wofo Temple and Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall are closed every Monday, except public holidays.

Ticketing by appointment

The Beijing Botanical Garden applies a real-name reservation system for ticket purchase. Visitors who have successfully purchased a ticket must bring their original ID card to enter the park directly from the South East Gate or South Gate on the reserved date and time. If you have any questions about purchasing tickets, please call the platform on 4006938899.

Reservation website:

WeChat public number for ticket reservation: Enjoy the Park (Chang You Gong Yuan)


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