Top 18 most worthwhile Red Tourism routes in Beijing, just pick one and go for it!
In order to facilitate citizens to travel on holidays, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism recommends 18 themed routes of “Red Tourism in Spring”
These 20 red tourist routes are spread over 16 districts in Beijing, come and see if there’s something near by
Then take a look at the 20 Red Tourism routes, which are located in 16 districts of Beijing. There must be one right there for you!
30 Beijing classic Red Tourism routes including Hutongs, parks, mountains and rivers and everything
Here include 30 Red Tourism routes in Beijing, on your way, you will find revolutionary holy places, memorials, and Hutongs, parks, famous mountains and rivers and other scenic spots. 
These 10 special tourist routes around Beijing are worthwhile for every Chinese people
Beijing is a city with long revolution history. In recent times, many major events affecting the future and destiny of the Chinese nation had happened here and around.
The most complete ever! 80 Red Tourism routes all over China, enough to keep you for three years 
In fact, in addition to Beijing, there are many other cities with a long history of revolution. We have summarized 80 Red Tourism routes all around China, each of them reveals the trace of history!

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