"Have an outing in Miyun and meet the spring."

March is a perfect time for outing and appreciating flowers, and here is a guide of spring outings in Miyun.

Vanguard apricots

Flying and spinning in the wind, their pure-white pedals are like snow, jade, and dancing butterflies. Either taking a close look or watching afar from across the mountain, you will be marvelled by the picturesque scene.

Charming peaches

With the bright sunshine in March, peach blossoms are in full bloom. They are charming and brilliant like rosy clouds, and form a magnificent spring scene with green willows.

Elegant pears

They stand proudly on the branches and cover all over the hills, combining the purity of snow, the quality of jade, and the wonder of clouds.

Brilliant azaleas

Stepping into May, mountains are covered by azaleas, blooming red as a flame and dressing the mountains like a gorgeous bride.

Praying for blessings
With beautiful mountains and rivers, Miyun is also where many temples are located. In spring, those ancient temples stand quietly in the gentle spring breeze and enable visitors to feel more comforted.

Flower mix

When it is near the Dragon Boat Festival, roses, lavender, rape and Chinese roses all rush to bloom. The colorful flowers seem to beam more brightly than the sun, and appearing very lovely on the hillsides.
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